I’m Rajit. I work at Springboard (an online education company) as a Product Manager on the Growth Team. Since 2013, when I was fresh out of college, I have been fortunate to learn and grow into a job that I love, and gets me excited everyday.

How? I’ve come to realize that here are 2 things in life that I will always be passionate about: learning how people think and building things. Unfortunately, I was not cut out for either a career in psychology or design. Thus, after my early career in Online Marketing, I found my calling in Product Management — a field that I didn’t know existed when I graduated.

This blog is a personal commitment for reflection, and a record of the things I learn on the job and in life – so that I never forget them. If it helps you in the process, I’ll be humbled.

If you have thoughts, musings, grievances, or memes about the content of these pages, please share them with me at rajit.dasgupta[at]gmail.com – and we can continue the conversation. 🙂